Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Brands

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Sulfate has been used as an active ingredient in shampoo and other beauty and hygiene products. However, until recently the long term side-effect of Sulfate has not been talked about in consumer community. The emphasis on using natural ingredients over chemicals (i.e. Sulfate, Parabens) is becoming increasingly popular amongst the consumer. Naturally,  the manufacturers started to market Sulfate Free Shampoo. There are too many choices now than ever and it can get quite confusing if you are not sure what you should look for. However, before we get to that, lets find out what Sulfate is all about and how its gets in our shampoo at the first place.

What Is Sulfate and Why Best Sulfate Free Shampoo?

Sulphate free shampoo brands

Sulphate free shampoo brands

In most brands of shampoo (as well as many other personal care items such as body washes and cleansers) you will see one or more types of sulfates included in the active ingredients, typically after the first ingredient – water. The ingredients and compounds listed in a topical or food items are listed in order of content, largest amount first. Thus, sulfates are a large component of these products. Unless you are shopping for sulfate free shampoo or cleansers, you are nearly certain to see sulfates used. Nevertheless, most people don’t know what they are, how they work, and if they’re safe. A sulfate is a chemical compound used as a detergent in many household and beauty products. Sulfates are so popular because they clean things that are not water-soluble (such as oils and other tough-to-remove substances). The two most common sulfates used for these applications are sodium laureth sulfate, and sodium lauryl sulfate. Both of these are used for their excellent cleaning properties, and because they aid the lathering affect desirable in many beauty products.

While sulfates are excellent cleaning compounds (sometimes referred to a detergents or surfactants) and desirable industrial additives due to their minimal cost, the fact of the matter is, they aren’t great for your hair. This is why there has been a considerable increase in sulfate free shampoo brands on the market. There are a few reasons these additives are best avoided:

Damage: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) are excellent cleaners, to be sure. In fact, in higher concentrations these surfactants are quite effective at everything from cleaning engine grease to breaking down DNA in a lab. Needless to say, that kind of firepower can really do a number on the delicate structure of hair. A sulfate free shampoo uses gentle, alternative detergents to gently remove oil and styling product residue from your tresses.

Color-Fastness: If you’re like most people, you spend good money to get hair coloring at a salon. For that reason, you do everything you can to keep the color you love truer as long as you can. Sulfates can do considerable damage to hair-color; they’re only doing their job, after all. Sulfates are meant to clean away tough stains, and coloring happens to be (if you think about it) just that! Most reputable salons will recommend that you switch to a sulfate free shampoo in order to get more durability out of your new hue.

Irritation: SLS and SLES are detergents, and many people have at least some level of sensitivity to this type of cleaner. The stinging sensation of getting shampoo in your eyes are most likely caused by irritation by these cleaning agents. Just as with laundry detergent that causes reactions in sensitive populations, these cleaners can cause scalp dryness, itchiness, or irritation. Sticking with a sulfate free shampoo is the best way to keep the delicate skin of your scalp intact, which can in turn reduce the appearance of scalp problems such as dandruff.

Safety: While sulfates themselves are not listed as a known carcinogen by any national or international health organization, there are components of these compounds that do have potentially carcinogenic properties. These detergents have trace amounts of dioxane 1,4, a known hazard to human health and likely cancer causing agent. It is safer to go with a sulfate free shampoo or cleanser in order to avoid contact with this undesirable and potentially hazardous compound.


Who Should Use Best Sulfate Free Shampoo?

Sulfate free shampoo brands

Sulfate free shampoo brands BEFORE AND AFTER USE

While most of the population experiences only very minor irritation from sulfate detergents, some people may experience more significant side effects. People with certain skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis may experience drying or redness as a result of use. In addition, people who have skin dryness or scalp dryness may find sulfate-based cleansers too irritating. If you need gentle but effective cleaning for your hair, a sulfate free shampoo is definitely a safe choice.

One of the main differences most people experience when using sulfate free shampoo is the amount of lather that comes out of the product. Sulfates, as mentioned above, increase the foaming tendencies of soaps, and so you get the “rich, creamy lather” so often touted as being preferable for cleaning your hair. Despite this claim, lather may feel nice, but it is not the bellwether for effectiveness of your shampoo. Shampoos that lather too much can actually leave residue behind in your hair, which can have a dulling effect and leave hair a little heavier than more clean-rinsing products.

Because sulfate free shampoo does not lather as readily as it’s SLS or SLES-containing counterparts, you may be inclined to believe it is not working (or not working as well) as these products. Sulfate free shampoo is very capable of giving you a gentle, thorough clean, lather or no. The most important thing to remember when switching over is not to over-use this shampoo because it isn’t foaming. While it won’t damage hair (so long as you rinse out whatever you put in) it’s not great for your wallet to use more shampoo than is needed to clean your length and thickness of hair.

Some consumers have complained that sulfate free shampoo is not as effective as its surfactant-containing counterparts. While it is true SLS and SLES are extremely effective cleansers, the cleaning power presented by alternative products is quite satisfactory for the vast majority of users. Outside of the aforementioned lathering experience, most users find very little difference once they have switched over to sulfate free shampoo.


Buying Best Sulfate Free Shampoo 

It used to be that finding sulfate free shampoo required a visit to a salon, and a hefty price tag for your trouble. Sulfate based cleansers and shampoo are ubiquitous in the market, because they allow cosmetics companies to keep costs down while delivering a product that works very well. Fortunately, the market has widened to allow a more diverse range of products. Sulfate free shampoo and other products can now be found on the shelves of drug stores and major retail chains. Better yet, this opening of the market has improved the pricing for these types of products. No longer do you need to pay $20 a bottle or more for a superior product. The market now has safe hair care options available at any price point.

Sulfate free shampoo brands

Sulfate free shampoo brands SHOPPING


Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Brands (Store)

Drug Stores and national chains have been increasingly interested in healthy, organic, and environmentally responsible shampoos and cleansers over the past few years. Finding a great sulfate free shampoo has never been easier. You will most likely find these products grouped separately, in the higher-end hair care section of your favorite drug or chain store.

One of our favorite sulfate free shampoo lines is L’Oreal EverStrong and EverPure hair care products. These offer salon quality hair care at really reasonable prices. For about $12 (for a set of shampoo and conditioner) you get a great product that safely and gently cleans and moisturizes hair. Natural astringents such as rosemary extract and mint offer a safe way to gently remove oils and residue. Better yet, you will love the fragrance of sweet mint and savory rosemary.

Another great choice is Organix sulfate free shampoo line. This brand incorporates wonderful, natural  conditioning ingredients such as Moroccan argan oil and coconut with gentle cleaners free of sulfates and parabens. The result is a light, creamy wash that is wonderful for daily use, and very reasonably priced at about $6 per bottle for a generous amount of product. While not as well known as L’Oreal, this product offers similar results and wonderful aroma to give you a full sensory experience as you care for your locks.

Hair care staple TIGI also makes a sulfate free shampoo called “Rockaholic.” TIGI is well known for quality hair care products with a little edge to them. Expect to pay a bit more for this product than typical chain store offerings, but rest assured that you’re getting an excellent product that is safe for your hair and great for your styling needs.

Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Brands (Salon)

While national brands have been less enthusiastic about the venture into sulfate free shampoos and other gentle and organic products, salons have long touted the benefits of doing away with the harsh detergents usually found in shampoo, turning to natural, environmentally responsible, and cruelty-free products for themselves and their clients.

Sulfate free shampoo brands

Sulfate free shampoo brands

Kevin Murphy is one of the best names in salon level, sulfate free hair care. This company is focused on responsible product development that is as good for the earth as it is for your hair. This sulfate free cleansing solution leaves hair fresh and light, and as clean (or cleaner!) than more common, harsher cleaning solutions. Kevin Murphy offers a complete line of hair care products all built around the same philosophy of safe and earth-conscious hair care.

Keune is another company making a name for the use of sulfate free shampoo and other care products. The company is also a leader in hair coloring solutions, and trains colorists in the application and preservation of color for clients. One component of this care is in providing shampoo, conditioner, and styling product that is free of the harsh, damaging chemicals typically found in hair care. Sulfates are just one component this philosophy, but an important part of their overall product mission.

Aveda is one of the most recognizable names in hair care, and the company philosophy is built around using natural, plant derived compounds wherever possible. Many of Aveda’s product offerings are sulfate free, use reduced sulfates, or only use certain kinds of sulfates from plant-derived sources. They are committed to making products free from SLS, SLES, and parabens. Their product lines can be found in many of the world’s top salons, and they are committed to gentle, responsible hair care as part of their guiding principles.

Best Sulfate Free Shampoo  Brands (Children)

Perhaps the most sensitive demographic, many children’s cleaning products still contain sulfates and other irritants such as parabens. Parents are becoming more interested in providing natural products for their children, such as sulfate free shampoo, cleansers, and paraben-free moisturizers.

While many national brands incorporate this into their lines of products for babies and small children, there are companies committed to the concept of safe, gentle products for the whole family. This is an important cause – babies and children are one of the most sensitive demographics, and exposure to certain irritants and chemicals can be especially damaging. Besides the irritating effects of sulfates and other detergents, the micro-components of these products (such as dioxane and formaldehyde) can be far more damaging to the cell structures of small children than their adult counterparts. The good news is, you can find sulfate free shampoo and other products for your children with the same ease as for yourself. Several companies have committed to gentle, safe products.

Sulfate free shampoo brands

Sulfate free shampoo brands

Burt’s Bees makes excellent natural products for every member of the family, baby included. They offer a combination shampoo/body wash that is gentle enough for the littlest member of your family, and is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates. In addition, their products and philosophy is geared toward natural, earth-minded products with great results.

California Baby is a great brand of organic baby products for every need. Their calendula shampoo and body wash is a delicious and sulfate free way to keep your baby clean and their skin soft and smooth. The company is well known for providing top-notch, safe and gentle products for every stage of life. These products are moderately priced, but well worth the quality of organic, herbal products.

Little Twigs line of baby products also offers a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner that is safe, gentle, and pH balanced to meet the needs of the most delicate skin. These products are unscented so as to be gentle even to very sensitive skin, and free of irritants such as sulfates and parabens. They also offer gently scented products such as lavender for a relaxing, organic experience for your little one. These products can be found in most national chain stores, and are reasonably priced for an excellent product.

Evaluating Today’s Best Sulfate Free Shampoo Brands

If you’ve always had a lot of trouble with dandruff, dry scalp, or lackluster hair that is prone to split ends, you might want to take a look at the ingredient list attached to your shampoo. Most commercial shampoos contain foaming agents and cheap detergents known as sulfates that can irritate your scalp and strip your hair of valuable moisture that it needs. That said, countless people are finding relief by making the switch to an alternative product from one of today’s major sulfate free shampoo brands. Not only does making the switch to one of the major sulfate free shampoo brands mean your shampoo regimen will instantly become easier on your hair, but it generally means that you’ll actually be getting a better quality product for your money as well. Sulfate-based detergents aren’t just harsh. They’re also cheaper to produce and not up to snuff as far as quality. Non-sulfate cleansers are not only gentler, but of much better quality – one of the main reasons people see so much difference in the state of their hair after they make the switch.

Going sulfate free helps cut down a lot on scalp irritation as well. In fact, many people who were long-time sufferers of conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and other similar ailments report a reduction in their symptoms after going sulfate free. Others say their conditions cleared up altogether.

Which Brands Are Today’s Top Picks?

One of the best ways to get started on a sulfate-free beauty program is to start by trying some of the major sulfate free shampoo brands out there today and then evaluating the difference they make. For instance, try checking out the product lines offered by L’Oreal or Aveeno. Both of these companies have been dedicated to putting out a variety of pure, gentle, high quality beauty products for a long time now including sulfate free options. Many of their products are even completely organic or vegan in nature, so they make a wonderful addition to an already health-conscious lifestyle.

Sulfate free shampoo brands

Sulfate free shampoo brands

If you’re looking for sulfate free shampoo brands that are a little bit off the beaten trail, you might want to look into Fundamental Earth, a natural shampoo formulated around natural plant extracts like olive oil and coconut oil. DermOrganic, Kiss My Face, and John Masters Organics are also excellent choices if you’re looking for shampoos that are not only sulfate free, but as natural as possible as well. If you color your hair and are worried about your locks losing their brilliant luster, try Pureology – one of the best sulfate free options available anywhere.

Choosing the Right Product for You

As is the case with any product, your choice in sulfate free shampoo brands should cater to your individual needs. Choose a shampoo that is formulated to care for your specific type of hair – curly, color-treated, ethnic, and so forth – within a price range that fits comfortably into your budget. Ultimately, you and your hair will both be glad you did!

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